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Devilish Deeds

When optimism isn't enough

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Has someone pissed you the fuck off? Here's the place to bitch about it.
Or perhaps you've done something deliciously evil to someone else? Go ahead and brag.

The world is not full of nice people. Maybe you're lucky enough to be one of the assholes who doesn't give a shit how they treat other people. You're welcome here.

Maybe you have the misfortune of being one of those rare nice people who seems to get screwed. You're welcome here too. Tell us who has made you look like a fool. Did someone cut you off in traffic? Perhaps it's even just some stupid LJ drama. Whatever the case, let us know who it was: we'll collectively wish ill upon them. With the combined mental might of us bitter, angry misantrhopes, whatever asshole is giving you trouble will surely get a karmic adjustment.